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Recognition and Awards

  • 2018 McKnight's Excellence in Technology Award
  • Medicare Approved
  • Entrepreneur 360 Award
  • Now Accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield

Program Benefits

Current 2020 results

FACT: Remote (online) Pulmonary Rehab has proven to be far more effective than many traditional facilities, as indicated by our program success rate of up to 98.7%. (Outcomes vary depending on ones commitment to the program.)

Results include:

  • Improved Lung function
  • Increase in walking distance by 200ft or more
  • Decrease in effort of breathing and increased toleration to exercise
  • Complete discontinuation of respiratory medications (accounts for 9% of patients)
  • Complete weaning of supplemental oxygen (accounts for 37% of patients)

Most patients will experience an increase in lung function. Many of our patients start out with only being able to walk 30-60 ft and then after 3 months are able to walk 2-5 miles. Nearly 89% of our patients are now able to use stairs with ease and confidence.

View Research from America Thoracic Society.

Live Webinar's

Weekly Webinar's with Alexander Grichuhin and Dr. Shah. Going over COPD and Cardiac complications or common questions in regards to medications and other topics. 

How Does it work?

Easy!! Simply sign up for the "All Access Master Class Pass" Start with "Level One" and work your way to "Level Two, Three, Four" and so on. Be sure not to skip levels as this program has been tested for safety and works well but only if the member uses the program according to recommendations. Also, be sure not to skip days and never complete two or more therapy days in one day as your body needs time to recover. These programs are self pace but we do recommend therapy done every day to gain the most out of the program. With the "All Access Master Pass" you will have access to the "Boot-Camp" All Levels and even the new developing programs to the live "webinar" held every week, everything!! You even have options to join in with our live clinicians and do therapy together (they will be able to see you and you will be able to see them using your phone, computer or Tablet) in our live "Tele-Rehabilitation" programs. Equipment can be bought if needed at our store by purchasing the "MyNewLungs Program Starter Kit."

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Sign up for the 'All Access, MasterClass' to get full access to ALL courses and videos. It's our most popular program.

If you want to sample the courses or learn more about what our training can offer, please try the Magic 7 Morning Routines for a one-time fee of $2.99, or you can even preview the Intro course for free.

Our programs have been studied and are approved to treat COPD and other Respiratory conditions. There is no commitment and you can cancel anytime.

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Do you have insurance?

Want to use the program for free? Not a problem if you have insurance. We take Medicare, Humana, BlueCross, United Healthcare, and more. Simply call our office or click the button (T.A.F.) below and fill out the form so our doctors can get familiar with your situation. We will call you within 48 hours to talk to you and help get you set-up.

In this program a Respiratory Therapist will monitor and guide you throughout. Your assigned therapist will make sure you reach your goals, will monitor your health throughout the program, and can answer any questions along the way. (Hint: They will use video chat so they can see you and you can see them).

Call 410-871-4601 or just click the button below.


  • Do I need equipment to participate in these programs?

    Yes, but most people have their own equipment they got from their doctor or hospital. If any equipment is needed it can be purchased on our store but it’s not expensive or they can go online or to their local store to find a substitute. The clinicians will explain what is the best substitute.

  • What if I need more help with my therapy as I feel I’m not familiar with all this technology?

    We have support staff trained and well experienced in this situation. If you feel you need more help that is what we are here for. Simply explaining the problem will have us understand your needs and we will take the proper time and care to make sure you get the help you need.

  • Is everything in telerehab done in group therapy?

    Yes and no, we will first work with you one on one and then you will be in group therapy where other people with same complications work together. You will make friends; everyone will know you by name and cheer each other on. This program helps with being social and decrease depression. Everyone feels like a family, it may not be the family you always wanted but it’s a family you need. Everyone needs help, nothing wrong with being human.

  • How successful are these programs?

    Extremely. We tell everyone that you will get sore in therapy but that sometimes happens as your working out Respiratory Muscles to get your breathing to a great level and of course then workout other parts of your body. This program holds a 97.6% success rate, the national average success rate of a traditional rehab facility is 30% average but our program is a virtual program and we do not take away from people that need “hands on” help.

  • How reputable is this company?

    We are certified by government agencies meeting all requirements necessary. Just being approved through Medicare alone takes a long time to get approved as they must see everything before they can approve any company to take insurance. We are also on the Better Business Bureau and hold many awards. HRN was also won “Best Company in the United States” by Entrepreneur magazine in 2019. Many U.S. Hospitals use HRN to provide Pulmonary Rehab and refer patients to our program every day.