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Telerehabilitation through the Home Rehab Network is the Cadillac of Remote Rehab programs.  The patient can see and interact with the some of the best clinicians (Respiratory Therapists, Doctors, or Psychologists) in the nation, using very simple and easy to use technology, and often in group therapy setting. 

Approved through nearly all major insurance companies like Medicare; the program is affordable enough to be private pay if someone does not have insurance.

HRN holds the medical industry high rankings in success rates of a 97.6% and remains a leader in Telerehabilitation based on walking distance, lung function improvement comparison and a CAT (COPD Assessment Test). 

During a typical program, a patient is able to participate from any location in the United States and other parts of the world remotely about 30-40 minutes per day, 3 times a week for about 3 months or more.

Getting started is very easy! Simply call our center using the number listed above and our friendly support staff will work with you and your doctor to get you started, and throughout your rehab to keep you on track!

Our program is used widely in hospitals, doctor's office, and other facilities.

After graduation you will enter a maintenance program that you can stay in for as long as you like, and which  most of our patients love! Cost is usually $0.00 out of pocket except of course if you need equipment from our store. To get started simply call now - 1-800-341-5838.